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Tips for Teaching your Child how to Brush

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As parents, we teach our kids how to feed themselves, how to walk, talk, and so much more. Dental care should be on the list of priorities as well.

Did you know that tooth decay is the number one chronic disease among children? This amounts to many hours lost from school, and from work if you have to take your child to the dentist. Rampant tooth decay in primary or baby teeth makes it more likely that your child will suffer from tooth decay in their permanent teeth. Therefore, good oral health not only makes a child feel more confident but also has health benefits as well.

Family dentists in Bloomsburg at Hamilton Dental Care want to share with you five tips for teaching your child how to brush his or her teeth.

Tip #1: Set an example

Children learn by watching the world around them, including you. The most important step in getting your child to brush his or her teeth regularly is for them to see you taking care of your teeth. This may mean you need to be more diligent about your own oral care. You can even brush your teeth together, showing them how to hold the toothbrush, making sure they brush all surfaces of their teeth.

Tip #2: The sooner the better

The sooner you start encouraging these good habits, the better. When oral hygiene efforts are adopted early in life, your child will not think anything of it. Instead of complaining or “forgetting” to brush before bed at night or before school in the morning, it will be like second nature for your child because it’s what they have always done.

Tip #3: Create a routine

Get in the habit of encouraging your child to brush his or her teeth twice a day – once in the morning after breakfast, and at least one more time at the end of their last meal of the day or before bed. If your child is at home with you throughout the day, go ahead and encourage them to brush after lunch as well.

Tip #4: Make it fun

Kids love to have fun, even if it involves something simple like listening to music or watching a TV program they love. Make brushing their teeth a fun event by playing their favorite song while they brush. This not only makes it more fun for you and your child, but it also helps ensure your child brushes for the recommended two minutes each time that they brush.

Tip #5: Set a timer

Speaking of two minutes, this brings us to our last point – set a timer. If you aren’t playing music or a song isn’t long enough, make sure to set a timer for your child to ensure they brush for the recommended two minutes. Brushing this long ensures all bacteria and buildup are successfully removed, reducing their risk of cavities.

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