benefits of dental bonding

4 Surprising Benefits of Dental Bonding

benefits of dental bondingBloomsburg, Danville, and Lewisburg, PA

Do you have a chipped tooth? Maybe you have an unwanted gap between two teeth or desire to make your stained and slightly crooked teeth appear bright white and perfectly straight. If these issues make you hesitant to show off your smile, then dental bonding could be the solution to obtaining a confident smile. For years, people just like you have been improving their teeth with dental bonding treatments. Your cosmetic dentists in Bloomsburg at Hamilton Dental Care want to share four surprising benefits of dental bonding.

Benefit 1: It’s Fast

Many cosmetic dental treatments take at least two weeks or more to complete because porcelain restorations often require an off-site dental lab to fabricate crowns and veneers. When you undergo dental bonding in Bloomsburg, you’ll be able to see the results from the moment you get up from the exam chair. Not only that, but the actual treatment is also fairly brief. While treatment time varies from person to person, a typical bonding procedure can be completed in an hour or less.

Benefit 2: It’s Minimally Invasive

In some cases, dental bonding can be completed without anesthesia, although this will vary depending on the extent of the procedure. The process is simple. One of our experienced cosmetic dentists in Bloomsburg applies a cosmetic resin to the tooth or teeth being treated and then sculpts it to match the shape of your other, natural, healthy teeth. The material is then hardened under a special light. After some quick adjustments and polish, your bonding treatment is complete!

Benefit 3: It’s Versatile

Dental bonding corrects chips, cracks, unwanted gaps and conceals stubborn stains on your teeth. Best of all, if you’re dealing with multiple cosmetic flaws on the same tooth, a bonding procedure can resolve all these issues simultaneously. Plus, the material is chosen in a shade that blends with your other teeth for a seamless look. No one will be able to tell that you had any work done!

Benefit 4: It’s Affordable

Cosmetic dentistry is not cheap. It’s performed by a highly trained dentist, using sophisticated techniques and materials. A bonding treatment produces immediate, lasting results but does so quickly and without some of the more expensive materials in cosmetic dentistry, such as dental porcelain. With dental bonding, you could improve your smile without busting your budget.

Dental Bonding in Bloomsburg

Are you tired of looking at your smile and being unhappy with what you see? A dental bonding treatment could be the answer you have been looking for to boost your self-confidence. Our dentists Dr. Joel Hamilton and Dr. Leigh Jacopetti, specialize in cosmetic dentistry, and they’re ready and waiting to put their skills into practice to help meet your aesthetic needs. To find out more about dental bonding or any of the other cosmetic dentistry procedures offered at Hamilton Dental Care, call (570) 387-0533 to schedule a consultation.

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