sports drinks and oral health

Sports Drinks can be Dangerous for your Child’s Oral Health

sports drinks and oral healthBloomsburg, Danville, and Lewisburg, PA

Sports drinks have been promoted for decades now as a great option to help people remain hydrated while playing sports, exercising, or working outside. Sports drinks are even marketed to children. These drinks come in a wide variety of flavors and replenish lost electrolytes from sweating, but did you know that regular consumption of sports drinks could have serious consequences on your child’s teeth? New reports even state that sports drinks could be as bad for your child’s teeth as soda. Your Bloomsburg family dentists at Hamilton Dental Care wants to educate you on how sports drinks could jeopardize your child’s oral health and what you can do to protect their teeth.

There are two reasons why sports drinks are bad for your child’s teeth: acid and sugar

Sports drinks have a high acid content, which actually can be more dangerous to their teeth than sugar. When you consume sugar, the bacteria that exist naturally in the mouth use that sugar as fuel and convert it into acid, which deteriorates the enamel—the protective outer layer of tooth structure. Anytime you eat or drink something acidic, this acid has direct contact with your tooth enamel and can begin to weaken it without having to wait for the bacteria to convert it.

Sports drinks also are high in sugar, which make up as much as 8 percent of the total solution of the beverage. Specifically, the sugars in these drinks can adhere to the surfaces of teeth, which attracts bacteria.

Children should limit their intake of sports drinks

Typically, a child can receive all the hydration necessary by drinking water—and refraining from sports drinks altogether. However, there are other ways to help hydrate and replenish electrolytes lost from sweating and engaging in sports.

Snacking on fresh fruit is also a great way for your child to receive the necessary hydration and electrolytes that they need to fuel up during high energy activities such as sports or playing outside when it’s hot out. Keep watermelon, grapes, or orange slices on hand, in addition to water, to help refuel your child to prevent dehydration.

If your child must rehydrate by drinking a sports drink, do so sparingly and be sure that they rinse out their mouth with water. This simple act of rinsing helps to reduce the presence of acid and sugar from their teeth, especially when they aren’t able to brush their teeth for a while.

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