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Is it Time to Consider Dentures?

time for denturesBloomsburg, Danville, and Lewisburg, PA

Tooth loss occurs in many adults. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, approximately 30 million American adults suffer from complete tooth loss, while as many as 120 million have at least one missing tooth. Losing a single tooth could impact your confidence and ability to chew certain foods. Thankfully, our Bloomsburg dentists at Hamilton Dental Care offer tooth replacement solutions to restore your smile and chewing ability.

When to consider getting dentures

If you have a single missing tooth, you might consider a dental bridge, which bridges the missing tooth’s gap to healthy teeth on either side of the space. However, dentures are more suitable for patients missing all their teeth or with few remaining irreparable teeth. Dentures have improved over the years. They look and function better than ever before.

You might need dentures if you have:

  • Irreparable teeth
  • Complete tooth loss
  • Old, worn-out dentures
  • Dentures that don’t fit well
  • Dentures that don’t look natural

Our Bloomsburg dentists offer custom dentures, which consider multiple aspects of your smile. For instance, designing custom dentures means selectively constructing artificial teeth that compliment your face and take into account what your smile looked like when your teeth were healthy. This can be done by looking at old photographs of you showing your full smile. The care and consideration taken when fabricating a set of custom dentures make them superior to traditional dentures, which involves taking impressions of your dental arches, sending those to a lab, and getting a set of dentures with teeth that may or may not look or feel natural. Choosing custom dentures could be a game-changer for adults with complete tooth loss. Not only will custom dentures help restore your chewing ability, but your confidence too because they are crafted to look more natural and feel more comfortable.

What options do I have if I don’t want dentures?

While dentures are an excellent option, they might not be the best choice in every case. If you prefer a more permanent tooth replacement option, the All-on-4 implant system may be right for you. Instead of removable dentures that are taken out each day, the All-on-4 implant system is like a single unit bridge that attaches to four implants surgically embedded into each dental arch. Your new teeth will be secured permanently, and they will function and feel just like natural teeth. You might be a good candidate for All-on-4 if you have a healthy jawbone, have good overall health, and have significant tooth loss. However, the best way to know if you’re a candidate for dental implants is to schedule a consultation with a Bloomsburg implant dentist.

Replace missing teeth in Bloomsburg, Danville, and Lewisburg

Living with tooth loss can hinder your ability to eat your favorite foods and cause you to feel embarrassed about your smile. Thankfully, with the help of Hamilton Dental Care, we can restore your smile with the best tooth-replacement option in Bloomsburg. If you’re undecided about whether custom dentures or All-on-4 is right for you, schedule a consultation by calling (570) 387-0533 or visit our website today. We will conduct a complete oral health assessment during your visit and ask you about your smile goals. Together, we can find the best solution for you!