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Eat this, not that – Tips on Protecting your Teeth this Halloween

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Halloween is a holiday with costumes, trick or treating, and, best of all, candy. Unfortunately, eating sugar-filled candy can cause a “trick” on your oral health, even though it’s a “treat” for your tastebuds. In addition, the sugar and acid combination in most candy can leave a long-lasting effect that may increase your tooth decay or gum disease risks. Therefore, our Bloomsburg family dentists at Hamilton Dental Care share on the blog today tips on protecting your teeth this Halloween by highlighting the better choices for your oral health without disappointing your tastebuds.

Eat This

Although candy provides no nutritional value, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a piece or two occasionally. However, certain types of candy cause are harmful to your tooth enamel, while other options this Halloween may be a safer bet for your oral health. Our family dentists in Bloomsburg outline three popular Halloween treats that are a better choice than others.

  • Chocolate

Chocoholics can celebrate knowing that chocolate is a preferred candy that you can enjoy without too much guilt of harming your teeth and gums. Chocolate melts quickly and doesn’t stick to your teeth like sticky or chewy candies. It’s best to enjoy whole chocolate, instead of any containing nuts, coconut, caramel, or other sticky ingredients. Dark chocolate is the best choice since it comes from cocoa beans that provide tooth enamel hardening benefits and help fight bacteria and plaque. Plus, dark chocolate naturally contains less sugar.

  • Chewing Gum

Chewing gum on the Eat This list may seem contradictory because of its chewy or gummy-like consistency. But chewing gum can provide oral health benefits by increasing your saliva production and reducing harmful bacteria. However, not all chewing gum is tooth-friendly. So, skip the bubble gum and go for sugar-free gum containing xylitol, which counteracts bacterial acid-producing effects.

Not That

Avoiding certain candy types can help protect your oral health this Halloween. Even though repeated sugar exposure is harmful to your teeth and gums, some Halloween treats may lead to additional damage to your teeth. Our family dentists in Lewisburg discuss which candies are the worst offenders in terms of your oral health.

  • Sticky and Gummy Candy

The worst candy types for dental health are sticky or gummy varieties that adhere to your teeth and are challenging to remove. The longer your tooth enamel gets exposed to the sugar, the more damage can occur. For example, candy corn contains up to 28 sugar grams per serving with primary sweetening agents like corn syrup and sugar. The longer sugar resides on your teeth, the more chance it has of eroding dental enamel and causing cavities.

  • Hard Candy

Hard candies like Jolly Ranchers, suckers, and jaw breakers are full of sugar and slow dissolve in your mouth, subjecting your teeth to sugar for a longer period of time. Tooth enamel can become soft and more susceptible to damage with repeated and prolonged exposure to sugar and acids. Additionally, hard candy can cause a tooth to break when you bite down on them instead of letting the candy dissolve.

  • Sour Candy

The sour sensation can cause you to make funny faces, but the candy is exceptionally harmful to your oral health. Sour candy packs a double punch to your oral health as it has high sugar levels and added acidic content. Both substances can attack your tooth enamel simultaneously and cause extensive damage. Therefore, sugary sour candy is the worst choice in terms of your oral health.

Family Dentist in Bloomsburg, Danville, and Lewisburg, PA

Halloween candy can be tempting for those with a sweet tooth. Consuming candy throughout the day, especially sticky, hard, or sour varieties, can cause extensive damage to your teeth and gums. However, eating a few pieces per sitting, instead of grazing on it throughout the day, is better for your teeth. So, make healthy Halloween candy decisions, brush and floss your teeth, and visit our friendly dentists in Bloomsburg for regular checkups and cleanings to protect your oral health. Feel free to call Hamilton Dental Care at (570) 387-0533 or request an appointment online today.