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4 Ways to keep your Teeth Healthy this Summer

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Summertime is known as vacation season. The kids are out of school, and you and your family may look forward to spending more time enjoying longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures. But with a lax schedule, you don’t have to let your oral health decline. While forgetting to floss for a few nights or indulging in more ice cream than usual isn’t necessarily going to destroy your teeth, it’s a culmination of bad habits that can wreck your smile. So today on the blog, our Bloomsburg family dentists share four ways to keep your teeth healthy this summer.

Schedule your dental checkup during the summer

Summer is an excellent time to schedule your six-month dental cleaning and checkup. The American Dental Association recommends these visits twice a year, so if you haven’t had one yet this year, there’s time to get on the schedule to fit your second cleaning in before the end of the year. Additionally, if you have kids out of school for summer break, it’s the perfect time for their appointments. That way, they won’t have to miss school. Dental checkups and cleanings are essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Professional dental cleanings remove tartar buildup, which can’t be removed by brushing and flossing your teeth at home. Ignoring it could increase your risk of cavities and gum disease. So, remember to book your cleaning for the summer!

Keep your snacking under control

If summers mean that you aren’t following a regular schedule or you spend more time with neighbors or friends enjoying the long daylight hours, snacks will likely be involved. However, choose your snacks wisely, as those containing sugar or highly processed, like chips, crackers, granola bars, and other packaged foods, aren’t so good for your teeth. Unfortunately, that includes most snacks from a package. It’s best to snack on fresh fruits and veggies. Pair your choice of fruit or veggie with hummus, cheese, yogurt, or lean meat like grilled chicken or roasted turkey slices for added protein and nutrition without harming your teeth and gums.

Drink plenty of water

The mercury is rising, and you’re going to be thirsty this summer. Many people reach for sweetened beverages like sodas, juice, or sports drinks. However, while these beverages may satisfy your tastebuds, they could harm your teeth if consumed regularly. The ideal beverage for hydration is water. So, the next time you work up a sweat gardening or chasing the kids outside this summer, hydrate by drinking water throughout the day. If you need to replenish your electrolytes, add a few squeezes of fresh orange or lemon juice and a pinch of Himalayan Sea salt. It’s a healthier option as opposed to Gatorade or Powerade, which are loaded with refined sugar.

Load up on fiber-rich fruits and veggies

Fresh fruits and veggies provide ample nutrition for your whole body and are good for your teeth and gums as well. Crunchy fruits and veggies like apples, celery, broccoli, and carrots also help scrub your teeth, reducing your risk of cavities. However, eating fiber-rich fruits and veggies doesn’t mean that you can skip brushing and flossing your teeth each day. But they are much healthier alternatives to processed foods or sweets.

Family Dentists in Bloomsburg

Prevention is one of the best ways to maintain healthy teeth and gums. It starts by practicing daily oral hygiene, seeing the dentist twice a year, choosing healthy foods, and drinking more water and less sugary beverages. To learn more about protecting your oral health or to schedule an appointment, contact Hamilton Dental Care by calling (570) 387-0533.