dental implants more than aesthetics

Dental Implants – It’s More Than Just Aesthetics

dental implants more than aestheticsBloomsburg, Danville, and Lewisburg, PA

Although dental implants have been around for decades, they have become increasingly popular as of recent. Patients with missing teeth, or even a single missing tooth, are searching for tooth replacement options beyond the traditional dentures, partial dentures, or fixed bridges.

A missing tooth can cause a lack of confidence, embarrassing smile, and even poses oral health risks that may lead to an uneven bite, jaw joint disorders, and more. Finding the right solution has never been easier with the advancements of cosmetic dentistry.

Dental implants indeed offer an aesthetic appeal, providing patients with the most natural looking results, but there is more reason than that to choose dental implants.

Keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible is always the best option but when you have to have a tooth extracted, replacing it soon, specifically with a dental implant, provides you with results far past what the eye can see.

Preserves jaw bone

Your teeth provide a natural stimulant to your jawbone, and when a tooth is missing, the jawbone around the site of the missing tooth will begin to diminish. Essentially, the body absorbs the bone since it is no longer being stimulated by the jawbone. In turn, the gum line will shrink, other teeth that are left will begin shifting out of place or “drifting,” which results in bite misalignment and TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder).

However, when a dental implant is securely placed into the jawbone, the bone remains stimulated and will not be absorbed by the body. Furthermore, the crown portion of the implant, which is the visible portion that looks like a tooth, provides adequate spacing between teeth so that your bite remains even, and your teeth do not drift.

Restores confidence

For patients missing all of their teeth, dentures may seem like an easy solution to getting your smile back. However, dentures often do not fit well, leaving you feeling self-conscious about your floppy dentures. There are denture adhesives that claim to fix this problem of loose dentures, but who wants to deal with that sticky mess? Dental implants can be inserted into the jawbone to serve as an anchor for the dentures. You can get your smile back, and your confidence!

Growing popularity

Years ago, although dental implants existed, it most certainly was not the norm, but according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, there are nearly 500,000 new implant cases a year, and that number is continuing to grow! The biggest drawback, for some patients, is cost. Dental implants may seem costly on the front end; however, your wallet and your dental health will thank you in the long run since dental implants can last a lifetime.

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