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Tips on Dealing with a Loose Dental Crown

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Dental crowns are often the choice of most dentists when it comes to restoring teeth or repairing damage caused by extensive decay or trauma. As the primary solution for cracked, broken, or severely damaged teeth, dental crowns can restore functionality while improving the look of your smile. While dental crowns are durable, they won’t last forever. Therefore, Bloomsburg general dentists at Hamilton Dental Care share tips on dealing with a loose dental crown.

Why is my dental crown loose?

In most cases, dental crowns remain attached without problems. Good oral hygiene is essential to protect your newly crowned tooth for the long haul. Unfortunately, there are some cases where the dental crown could become loose.

According to our family dentists in Bloomsburg, below are some of the most common reasons dental crowns become loose.

  • Improper Fit – Dental crowns are placed on top of your natural tooth, like a cap. Depending on the condition of the tooth, your dentist may have to file down the tooth or fill in the tooth to build it up so that the crown will fit and appear natural. If the crown does not have a proper fit, it could come loose and fall off. Choose a top-rated Bloomsburg dentist to ensure a properly fitted crown is placed the first time.
  • Underlying Decay –Even though the crown itself is not affected by decay, the area near your gum line where your tooth and the crown meet could decay if you avoid proper oral care. The decay reduces the stable surface area where the crown is connected and could result in the cement breaking down, causing your crown to come loose. This is why it is essential to practice good oral hygiene – brushing twice a day and flossing daily.
  • Deteriorating Dental Cement – Dental cement is used to adhere crowns to teeth. Over time, the adhesiveness could deteriorate through everyday exposure to foods and beverages and potentially lead to the crown coming loose. If the crown is leaking because of an improper fit, oral bacteria could breakdown the dental cement.

What should I do if my dental crown is loose or pops off?

If you have a dental crown that becomes loose or pops off, you should plan to see your general dentist in Bloomsburg right away, even if the tooth is not painful. Do not attempt to place the crown back on your tooth, as you could end up choking on it if it is swallowed. You also could bite on the crown and break it or another tooth. Share with your dentist critical information about your condition like if you still have the dental crown or are experiencing sensitivity or pain. Depending on your situation, we may be able to schedule an appointment sooner if the schedule allows.

Emergency Dentists in Bloomsburg, Danville, and Lewisburg, PA

If you’d like to know what to do when a dental crown comes off or if a loose crown can be recemented, contact Hamilton Dental Care for an evaluation. In some instances, the crown can be recemented, but if the underlying tooth structure has changed or is decayed, a new crown or other restoration may be needed. To learn more, please call (570) 387-0533 or request an appointment online.