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What Does Your Smile Say About Your First Impression

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First impressions are important, and they happen in a hurry. It takes just one-tenth of a second to make a first impression—that’s 100 times faster than it takes to read a sentence. It is estimated that, when meeting someone for the first time, about one-third of people notice teeth as the first facial feature they see.

Let’s take a deeper look at situations when a great first impression really can matter—and how your smile can make, or break, that first impression. Your cosmetic dentists at Hamilton Dental Care also will provide you with tips on achieving a great looking smile in Bloomsburg.

First dates: Making a good impression on a potential new partner is a big deal, but did you know that your smile is the most important aspect of presenting yourself well? Polls with both men and women indicate that they identify a smile as the one physical feature that is the biggest key to attractiveness. In fact, a survey of women conducted by Delta Dental found that nearly three-quarters of those polled would not kiss on the first date if they suspected their suitor had poor oral health. Moreover, singles consider bad breath one of the top deal-breakers on whether or not a second date occurs. Consider that to be extra motivation to keep brushing your teeth on a daily basis!

Job interviews: Prospective employees who smile during the first interview are more attractive, potential hires. That means good oral hygiene—and avoiding bad habits like tobacco use are essential to landing a new job. According to a recent study conducted at Seattle University, 90 percent of executives said they would hire a non-smoker over a smoker if the qualifications of the two candidates were equal.

Traffic stops: Nothing can ruin your day like being pulled over for a speeding ticket. In these situations, good manners go a long way—and so does a smile. Did you know that people who smile generally are interpreted as being more cooperative, and therefore, more likely to be trusted? We cannot guarantee that a great smile can keep you from getting a ticket, but see if a positive attitude helps get you a break.

Cosmetic dentistry in Bloomsburg

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? Cosmetic dentistry allows you to get the great-looking smile of your dreams, making it easy to make a fantastic first impression.

Your Bloomsburg cosmetic dentists, Dr. Joel Hamilton and Dr. Leigh Jacopetti, have the experience and training to perform a wide variety of cosmetic dental procedures—giving our patients beautiful results that often are more functional as well. Our specialties in the field of cosmetic dentistry include crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, dental bridges, partials, and more! If you need multiple cosmetic procedures to achieve your aesthetic goals, a smile makeover can change the complete look of your smile.

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