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Breathe Cleaner, Healthier Air at Bloomsburg Dental Office

surgically clean airBloomsburg, Danville, and Lewisburg, PA

Dental practices are high-traffic offices. Daily interactions with patients mean that germs are introduced into the air, especially since many procedures produce aerosols. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, research continues to support the fact that certain viruses and pathogens remain airborne for hours or even days. Additionally, cleaning between patients releases bio-aerosols into the air that aren’t ideal to breathe. At Hamilton Dental Care, we want to protect not only our employees but our patients as well. Find out about our newest technological device, the Surgically Clean Air (SCA) purifier, and how it produces cleaner, healthier air inside our practice.

What is the Surgically Clean Air purifier?

This medical-grade air purifier reduces 99% of airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, bio-aerosols, and pathogens using multi-stage purifying technology. The result? Healthier, cleaner air inside our Bloomsburg dental office. It scrubs every breath of air before it is recirculated, weeding out harmful pathogens in the process.

What makes Surgically Clean Air purifier better than the rest?

Many air purifiers available for purchase in stores offer one filtration system, which could be good enough for home use. Some of the more expensive air purifiers may offer two or three-stage filtering capabilities. Although that isn’t enough to produce the clean air needed in a dental practice. Surgically Clean Air goes beyond that by offering a six-stage system consisting of a capture phase, an absorption phase, a three-step destruction phase, and then the release of purified air.

The phases include:

  • Pre-filter & HEPA-Rx filter to capture pathogens
  • Carbon filter to absorb pathogens and dangerous air particles
  • The destruction phase consists of three filtrations: Germicidal UV-C+, Photocatalytic Nano-Ti02, Hydroxyl Radicals
  • Releases revitalizing negative ions to re-energize the air

Surgically Clean Air also comes backed with third-party validation and testing that supports its claims.

Relax with its sound-dampening design

An additional component of this air scrubber is its sound-dampening design. You might assume a powerful machine like the Surgically Clean Air purifier is bound to be noisy. But that isn’t the case. We are pleased to report that this air purifier operates at no more than 55 dB, which makes it no louder than a typical household dishwasher. SCA produces clean, energized, and healthy air without invoking stress or anxiety.

In fact, SCA also is proven to reduce dental anxiety and help patients relax. It helps reduce the risk of an asthma attack in asthmatic patients by eliminating allergens from the air. Additionally, SCA helps calm patients with autism or those who experience anxiety towards the sites, smells, and sounds of a dental office.

Breathe Clean Air at Bloomsburg Dental Office

This year has made many of us think twice about the quality of the air we breathe. While you may continue social distancing measures by limiting your outings and interactions with others, dental care is still a necessity. Step into our dental office with complete confidence in knowing that you will breathe safe, clean, and healthy air during your visit. Installing the SCA system is just one way that our Bloomsburg dentists continue to provide the best, safest care possible. To learn more about this device or to schedule an appointment, please call Hamilton Dental Care at (570) 387-0533.