Why Choose Us?

Bloomsburg PA


We believe in treating you as family, or even how we would want to be treated ourselves. We know we would want to have any service provider listen to what we perceive are our concerns and then, after a complete evaluation of our needs, talk with us and, together, plan our treatment. We would not want a “cookie cutter” approach to our health needs. To that end, we work hand-in-hand with our patients, creating a bond of teamwork to bring about your dental health goals.

We listen

Probably more than you have ever been heard before in a dental office. We want to know your concerns, needs, desires and, yes, even fears.

We Look

Again, we will evaluate your oral health with an examination probably more thorough than you have ever had.” Head and neck examination; soft tissue evaluation; oral cancer examination; dental examination; TMJ evaluation; supporting tissues evaluation – all are a part of our total examination.

We show

Better than you have seen before. For this, our intra-oral camera is an indispensable advantage. We will show you on a monitor, live, the very things we see using a small video camera. No longer do you have to “trust” what we find or try to visualize what we explain. You will see for yourself what teeth are great and what teeth are not. Together with Dr. Joel Hamilton and Dr. Leigh Jacopetti, you become a participant in each dental health decision.

Total Patient Care

Yes, we are a dental office, but we care about you. Research continues to show that the health of your mouth and your body are intricately linked. Therefore, oral disease can be evident in your body just as systemic disease can be manifested orally. Additionally, your ability to chew without pain or discomfort affects your nutrition. Your smile affects your self-image and your social life. We discuss with you all the things we find so that you can make the right decisions about both your dental health as well as your overall well-being.

We feel our unique approach to your involvement in your dental health will impress you. Time after time we have had patients tell us that they have never had a dentist or staff really listen, truly care, present options, and involve them in their treatment like we do.