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If you have multiple missing teeth, Hamilton Dental Care can install a partial denture as a replacement. A partial denture restores your smile and makes it easier to eat. Replacing your missing teeth also helps maintain your oral health, as well as the alignment of your bite.

A partial denture is a removable prosthetic and a convenient tooth replacement option for some patients. It must be removed to be cleaned, and can be removed when you sleep.

Hamilton Dental Care offers the following type of partial dentures.

Metal Partials

A standard partial denture consists of a metal framework covered by an acrylic base, which is color-matched to blend in with your smile. Prosthetic teeth are bonded to the acrylic base, and metal clasps on the framework attach to your natural teeth to provide a snug and secure fit.

Metal-free Partials

If you have a metal allergy or desire a more aesthetic look to your smile without the visible metal of a traditional partial, the metal-free option may right for you.

Metal-free partials also have the following advantages:

  • Aesthetics – The absence of metal clasps allows the denture to blend in naturally with your gums.
  • Comfort – A metal-free partial is more lightweight and more flexible. This means a metal-free partial typically fits better and will cause less gum irritation.

ERA Partials

Extracoronal Precision Attachment (ERA) partials also have advantages. An ERA partial usually is easier to insert and remove, making this type of partial ideal for patients who have limited manual dexterity, or who have missing teeth that involve a difficult path of inserting and removing the partial.

Let Hamilton Dental Care replace your teeth with a custom made partial denture. Call (570) 387-0533 to schedule a consultation.

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