Our Practice

Bloomsburg and Danville PA

Keep your smile beautiful and bright for years to come with help from the staff at Hamilton Dental Care. You will benefit from the use of the latest techniques, products, and equipment, as well as an environment that is designed to provide you with a positive experience.

Our Practice Philosophy

Simply put: we treat you as we would our own family. This philosophy permeates our practice, from the way we care for you, the materials and technology we use, the skills we hone, the continuing education we pursue, and even to the way we sterilize our environment. Our patients know we care about them and they appreciate that.

Our Treatment Goals

We desire to meet your needs. To that end, you can expect us to listen first. Our wealth of knowledge, the skills we have, the team we have assembled, and the technology that surrounds us is all to no avail if we do not meet needs. 

Once you have had the opportunity to tell us what you desire, Doctor Joel and Doctor Jacopetti will provide you with the highest quality dental care in a personalized, comfortable, and safe environment – all to help you attain the dental health you deserve.  

You will be assisted throughout your experience by a pleasant team of trained professionals who take a sincere interest in you. We want you to feel at home while you are with us.

Our Clientele

We are a family dental practice. We offer our service to people of all ages – from the very young to the very “experienced.” We have patients from Hawaii and Arizona as well as from across the street.

We have seen infants of 18 months, college students, and the happily retired. Over the years, the practice has been privileged to serve thousands and thousands of patients who have come to appreciate the Hamilton touch this father and son practice has to offer.

You will feel the difference from the minute you call our office