Root Canals

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When a tooth has been seriously damaged due to decay or injury, a root canal can prevent total tooth loss. At Hamilton Dental Care, our experienced dentists use special tools, instruments and techniques at the forefront of dental technology to make the process of having a root canal as easy and fast as possible.

Who needs a root canal?

A root canal usually is the preferred treatment when the dental pulp in a tooth becomes infected. Dental pulp refers to the soft tissue and cells in the center of a tooth. The pulp also contains the blood vessels and nerves of the tooth.

If the damaged or infected pulp is not removed, then infection will spread to the tissue surrounding the root of the tooth. Over time, those bacteria will spread to the jawbone and eventually lead to tooth loss, infection, and boneless.

Pulp typically becomes damaged or infected because a tooth is cracked or chipped, or because of extensive tooth decay. Sometimes the nerve inside a tooth dies due to blunt trauma.

What can I expect during a root canal?

A root canal typically entails multiple visits to your dentist.

At the initial visit, you will receive an anesthetic, after which all bacteria and infected pulp will be removed from the tooth. The inside chamber of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to prepare for the next step. A special filling is placed to help stabilize the tooth’s root. The tooth will need a crown, since removing the pulp makes a tooth brittle.

At the follow-up visit, if a temporary filling was placed, it will be removed to prepare the tooth for a crown. It may take a couple of weeks to have your permanent crown made.  At a separate appointment, the porcelain crown made especially for you will be bonded to your tooth.

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