stress causing wear and tear on your teeth

Is Stress Causing Wear and Tear on your Teeth

stress causing wear and tear on your teethBloomsburg, Danville, and Lewisburg, PA

It seems as if life continues to get more stressful and one of the most common stress-related conditions is the clenching and grinding of teeth. This behavior clinically referred to as bruxism, can do significant damage to your teeth and jaws. Approximately 70 percent of all cases of bruxism are stress-related.

If you engage in habitual clenching or grinding of your teeth, it eventually will deteriorate the condition of your oral health. Your teeth will become worn, and even crack or chip. Bruxism also can affect the alignment of your bite and jaw, encouraging the development of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), an ailment that can cause pain of a debilitating nature.

Since so many cases of bruxism are caused by stress, it can be helpful to identify any potential stressors, and try to eliminate these stressors or reduce their effect on your life. Until then, be sure to visit your Bloomsburg dentist for a custom-made mouth guard to protect your teeth.

Finances: Stress related to employment or money concerns is the most common and significant type of stress among Americans today. Many patients with bruxism grind their teeth while they sleep at night, people who are struggling with stress of a significant nature may even grind their teeth during the day. They also may grind their teeth at night, lying awake dwelling on their financial problems. Workplace stress also increases your risk of bruxism.

PTSD: Known as post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD originally was conceived relating to stress incurred by members of the military during combat, but any type of trauma can lead to a case of PTSD. Patients may develop PTSD as a result of being involved in violence, abuse or a vehicle accident. The stress from these situations may stay with a person months or even years after the incident. As a result, bruxism often can develop in people with PTSD.

Family problems: While family situations always have been a cause of stress, people today are more likely to identify family problems as a source of unrelenting stress. These stressful situations could include tension between you and your partner, behavioral issues with your child, or caring for a member of the family who is sick, elderly or otherwise unable to care for themselves. People dealing with this type of stress often report it magnifies other causes of stress or find themselves in situations where they have no downtime. Family stress is especially likely with individuals in the “sandwich generation” who are caring for aging parents while also raising adolescents at the same time.  

Social stress: Humans are social animals but interacting with other people can be stressful. The popularity of social media can be another cause of stress. Bruxism has been strongly linked with certain types of social pressure—especially bullying, which can occur in school, over social media and even at in the workplace, according to studies.

Mouth Guard in Bloomsburg

If you or someone you love has bruxism caused by stress, a mouth guard obtained from your Bloomsburg dentist can help protect your oral health. Hamilton Dental Care can provide you with a mouth guard that is far superior to the guards and mouthpieces that are available for purchase over the counter in stores. Each of our mouth guards is custom-made from impressions of the mouth of the patient, guaranteeing a comfortable and snug fit. These guards can be worn during sleep, which absorbs the brunt of the trauma as you clench and grind your teeth. In turn, the mouth guard will protect your teeth from damage caused by bruxism.

Bruxism can be a serious threat to your oral health. Left untreated, it can wear down your teeth to just tiny nubs. Avoid the need for a full mouth reconstruction. Receive a mouth guard from Hamilton Dental Care to protect your oral health. To learn more, call our office at (570) 387-0533 to schedule a consultation.

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