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The One Appointment you Shouldn’t Miss as you Age

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As the human body ages, it experiences many good and some not-so-good changes. You’re likely already seeing your family doctor regularly, as well as a cardiologist for your heart health. You may even take medications, vitamins, or supplements to help maintain your health and prevent certain diseases. However, there’s one appointment that you might be missing. Going to the dentist!

Even though it may become increasingly more difficult to maintain your oral health as you age, you can protect your smile with preventive dental care. Preventive dentistry refers to dental treatments that aim to ward off potential issues before they occur. For example, brushing twice a day and flossing once daily, visiting the dental office for regular checkups and cleanings, and opting for essential but helpful treatments such as X-rays and fluoride treatments are all preventive measures to keep bacteria at bay and your mouth healthy. So, our Bloomsburg dentists at Hamilton Dental Care share on the blog today the one appointment you shouldn’t miss as you age so that you can maintain your oral health and reduce unnecessary future dental expenses.

Getting preventive dental care as you get older is essential for several reasons

Dental issues typically affect the elderly more than younger patients. However, preventive dentistry is a great way to ensure your mouth stays healthy as you age.

Here are several reasons why regular dental care for elderly individuals is crucial to their overall health and wellness

  • Tooth Decay is Common
  • Reduced Saliva Production
  • Gum Disease Risk Increases
  • Tooth Sensitivity can Cause Pain
  • Weakened Teeth that are Susceptible to Damage

Each condition can be dangerous for your smile and may lead to advanced problems that cost more time and money to repair.

Preventive Dentistry Benefits

Regular dental cleanings reduce the risk of cavities by removing harmful bacteria, plaque, and tartar. Receiving a professional cleaning every six months reduces your risk of cavities and helps prevent gum disease. Dental cleanings also help by removing food debris and bacteria between your teeth and under your gum line, which are often the culprits for bad breath. In addition, when you’re proactive with your dental care, it becomes more affordable because you save money on expensive dental operations down the road by preventing them in the first place. Therefore, it’s a good incentive to maintain excellent oral hygiene and avoid developing cavities and other oral health issues.

Dangers Associated with Ignoring Preventive Dentistry

While maintaining preventive dental care may seem like a burden, the alternative is considerably worse. Practicing preventive care can dramatically reduce your cavity and gum disease risk. Our dentists that treat elderly patients in Bloomsburg explain that there is a correlation between the lack of preventive dental care and gum disease onset and progression. So, daily oral care and regular dentist visits are necessary to prevent advanced conditions such as periodontal disease, an incurable illness. Furthermore, harmful bacteria can quickly enter the bloodstream and affect other significant organs or body systems, which could lead to serious health concerns like an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Preventive Dental Care in Bloomsburg, Danville, and Lewisburg, PA

As you age, preventive dental care becomes more crucial to keep your smile beautiful. By practicing daily oral hygiene and seeing your dentist regularly, you’re protecting not only your smile but your overall health too. If you need a checkup or cleaning to kick off your new preventive dental care plan, contact Hamilton Dental Care by calling (570) 387-0533 or contacting us online to request an appointment.