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What to do if your Dental Crown Comes Loose during the Holidays

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The holiday season is quickly approaching, and along with it comes gatherings, parties, and traveling to see family and friends to share a meal. But, a dental crown falling off while enjoying the holiday fare might spoil an otherwise perfect evening. In some cases, people who need emergency dental care often don’t know what to do or where to go when they experience an unexpected dental problem. Therefore, our Bloomsburg family dentists at Hamilton Dental Care share on the blog today what to do if your dental crown comes loose during the holidays so that you may get your smile and confidence back in one piece.

What Crowns Do for Your Teeth

Dental crowns are sturdy porcelain caps shaped and colored to look like your natural teeth. Our Bloomsburg cosmetic dentists often use crowns for dental implants and as a final step following root canal therapy. Although dental crowns are sturdy and restore a severely damaged tooth, they aren’t indestructible. If you have a crown that breaks while you’re enjoying the holidays, you may experience a toothache, swelling, or heightened sensitivity to heat and cold.

How to Deal with a Loose or Damaged Dental Crown

A broken dental crown requires immediate attention, whether you’re at home or away for the holidays. Fortunately, our Bloomsburg emergency dental office is here to help. Depending on the reason for the loose crown, it’s possible that the dentist can put it back on your tooth. However, in some cases, patients may need a new crown. While waiting on your visit, try these steps to reduce discomfort and protect your teeth and gums from additional harm.

  • If possible, visually inspect the area around the chipped crown. Remove any loose pieces to avoid swallowing them. If the entire crown falls off, do not attempt to place it back on your tooth because it is not secure and could increase your choking risk. Instead, place the crown in a sealed container and bring it with you to your appointment. Try not to chew on the affected side to avoid damaging your tooth.
  • Feel the damaged tooth, and if there aren’t any sharp edges and the tooth does not cause you pain, you may be able to postpone a trip to the dentist until you return home.
  • Take precautions to reduce discomfort or tooth sensitivity by taking OTC pain medicines like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Though temporary, this measure should see you to your scheduled appointment at our Bloomsburg cosmetic dental office for routine care. Nonetheless, you should see an emergency dentist immediately if you’re experiencing significant sensitivity, discomfort, or bleeding.

Emergency Dentists in Bloomsburg, Danville, and Lewisburg, PA

Most dental emergencies don’t happen at convenient times. However, problems that arise while you’re gone for the holidays might quickly become much more severe. That’s why you must visit an emergency dentist in Bloomsburg when you lose your dental crown during the holidays. Using the guidelines, you can determine whether your toothache warrants immediate attention or can wait till you get home. If you live locally or are a visitor to the Bloomsburg, Danville, or Lewisburg area, feel free to call Hamilton Dental Care at (570) 387-0533.