signs you need dental crown

6 Signs that you need a Dental Crown

signs you need dental crownBloomsburg, Danville, and Lewisburg, PA

Dental crowns serve a key purpose to repair damaged teeth and prevent tooth loss. Crowns are permanent prosthetics or caps if you prefer, which usually are made of porcelain that is designed to look like a real tooth. Repairing a damaged tooth is essential to preserve your smile and your oral health. General dentists in Bloomsburg at Hamilton Dental Care want you to know about these six signs that you need a dental crown.

  1. Broken or Fractured Teeth: If a tooth is chipped, fractured, or broken, then there may not be enough of the natural tooth structure left to use other restorative methods. Because teeth don’t heal from fractures or breaks, a dental crown is usually the ideal procedure for a tooth that has suffered damage of this type. Receiving a dental crown simply will cap the tooth and provide it with the best appearance and structural integrity.
  2. Cosmetic Enhancement: If a tooth is misshapen, poorly aligned, or the overall appearance is flawed, a dental crown is a great choice for improving the overall aesthetics and physical appearance of the tooth. After receiving a crown, your tooth will look straight, strong, and gleaming white. Veneers also are used to achieve this same look, although they cover only the front portion of your tooth, unlike a crown that covers the entire exterior structure. If you aren’t sure which restorative procedure is right for you, contact Hamilton Dental Care for a consultation.
  3. Tooth Decay: Cavities are common among most adults. If caught early, a filling can repair minor areas of decay. However, if the cavity is large, a dental crown may be a better option to prevent extensive damage. Sometimes, old metal fillings are known to crack or fall out, which usually requires a crown to repair the tooth and restore its functionality.
  4. Large Fillings: A crown is a great option to replace a large filling that has become cracked, damaged, or compromised. Crowns protect the whole tooth because they replace the entire exterior. Moreover, replacing a small filling with a larger one could cause cracks in your natural tooth structure.
  5. Root Canals: When performed by an experienced and well-trained dentist, a root canal can save an infected tooth by removing any infection. The final step in a typical root canal is having a crown placed on the tooth. Without the crown, the tooth becomes brittle and could break easily because the blood supply and nerve are removed during a root canal.
  6. Old Crown Falls Off or Breaks: Crowns are designed for strength and durability, although they are not entirely indestructible. While dental crowns may last many years, they won’t last forever. Eventually, crowns need to be replaced, especially if one breaks, becomes loose, or falls off. In many cases, an old crown cannot be cemented back on the tooth. Instead, a new crown must be made.

Dental Crowns in Bloomsburg

If you experience one of the dental issues above, you may need to get a crown. But, the best way to know for certain is to schedule a consultation with Hamilton Dental Care by calling (570) 387-0533. We pride ourselves on serving the Bloomsburg, Danville, and Lewisburg communities.