brighten smile with veneers

Brighten your Smile with Veneers

brighten smile with veneersBloomsburg, Danville, and Lewisburg, PA

Are you dissatisfied with the way your smile appears? Whitening your teeth a couple of shades can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your smile—taking your teeth from humdrum to dazzling. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that teeth whitening treatments are the most popular procedure performed by cosmetic dentists across the entire industry. However, there are other dental procedures that can help you achieve whiter teeth, especially if you are searching for a more permanent solution—your cosmetic dentists in Bloomsburg at Hamilton Dental Care want you to know how.

Even a professional whitening treatment is limited in what it can accomplish

Teeth whitening certainly can provide you with profound results. However, even with exceptional oral care, your teeth will become dingy at some point due to the beverages and foods that most people consume. Also, if you smoke, results of your teeth whitening treatment won’t last as long. While teeth whitening is an affordable option to maintain whiter-looking teeth, there is a permanent option that also takes care of minor cosmetic flaws.

Veneers are one of the most versatile treatment options in cosmetic dentistry

Veneers can do so much more than whiten teeth. They can be installed over the front of a single tooth or every visible tooth in the mouth. When placed by an experienced and highly-trained cosmetic dentist like the ones at Hamilton Dental Care, veneers can resolve a host of aesthetic issues including chips, cracks, small fractures, unevenly sized teeth, uneven wear, or concealing an unwanted gap between two teeth. Therefore, if you want whiter teeth and fix some cosmetic flaws along the way, veneers may be a better option for you.

Veneers provide results that last longer than teeth whitening treatments

The results that you will get from veneers last substantially longer than with teeth whitening. This is because the veneers at Hamilton Dental Care are made from beautiful dental porcelain, a material that has similar translucency to natural tooth enamel, while also being durable and stain-resistant. The veneers are permanently bonded to the front surface of your teeth to provide you with a natural-looking smile. It’s important to note that good oral hygiene still is necessary even with veneers. Be sure to brush your teeth and floss everyday, and maintain regular visits to your dentist for checkups and cleanings. These efforts will prolong your results and protect your investment.

Veneers in Bloomsburg

Hamilton Dental Care can make the veneer procedure as convenient and comfortable as ever. If you would like to learn more about veneers or see if you are a candidate for this procedure, we invite you to contact our office to schedule a consultation. We can assess your oral health, and consider your smile goals to determine which cosmetic procedure is best for your case. You can reach our office by calling (570) 387-0533 to schedule your consultation.

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